Behaviour Analysis

N.A. PORTER & ASSOCIATES offer detailed behavioural analysis to derive information about unknown offenders. Our analyst examines information about the victim and the offence to determine the characteristics and traits of the offender. Such a personality profile may allow those involved to recognize someone as a potential offender. Based on the analysis, our expert can usually offer suggestions for further investigations.

Assessments are also provided to help determine strategies for investigating offenders of violent crime (such as serial rape), particularly to elicit predictable actions on the part of the offender. We have worked with National News Corporations to assist in developing and releasing profiles for serious crimes.

Equivocal Death Analysis is also provided. Our analysts examine and reconstruct crime scenes and review investigations in order to provide an opinion on the manner of death: homicide, suicide, accidental death, death by natural causes, or death by misadventure.

Analysts may also be provided to examine a threat or extortion communication.  Assessments will be made in terms of content and stylistic characteristics in order to examine the validity of the threat and the level of risk to the victim and suggest ways to minimize the risk to the victim. In some cases it is possible to provide a profile of the unknown author or caller.

Consulting services and independent forensic analysis are also available.  These services are designed to provide analysis on stalking cases, expert evidence/reports regarding the ‘signature’ of serial violent offenders, expert evidence to coroner’s inquest or review, expert analysis on medical malpractice investigations, and research on unusual areas of expert examination.