We provide Behavioural and/or Independent Forensic Analysis on the following:

  • Transcripts of video statements by witnesses 
  • Court or deposition transcripts relating to witness testimony 
  • Examination of written witness & victim statements.
  • Analysis of police notes, surveillance notes and records.
  • Equivocal Death Investigations
  • Independent Case Reviews for Civil and Criminal Matters, such as Medical Malpractice Cases
  • Other related documents or video where statement of fact is relied upon.

In addition to the full list of services offered, we also provide training and educational opportunities (please see COURSE tab for further information). 

Currently, we do offer Professional and Online Training Courses, Workshops and Seminars.  Clients are encouraged to check with us for updated course information.


As the Lead Consultant, Nicole Porter specializes in threat/risk analysis, profiling, behavioural Analysis, and training on matters related to criminal law and penal reform.  Nicole is also an expert in the field of violence assessment, offender management, security, and penal law.  She has more than nine years of Graduate level training and is known as a specialist in rehabilitation counseling. She spent many years volunteering her time working with inmates and those living on parole who also battle mental illness. Her extensive education includes training and certification in criminology, forensic science, forensic practice, psychological profiling, violence, risk assessment services and psychosocial rehabilitation counseling. Nicole has consulted with investigative firms and has profiled for National News corporations about criminal matters. She has worked on behalf of police organizations and private agencies as a criminal consultant, and has completed forensic reports on several international matters involving wrongful conviction, wrongful accusals, and equivocal death cases.

Nicole is also a leading Behaviour Analyst and Professor in the field.  Throughout her career, she has also been responsible for developing, implementing and facilitating Ontario College courses in both Law Enforcement and Protection, Security & Investigation. She has facilitated and presented a variety of educational and training seminars to various secondary schools, Colleges, & Universities and holds various professional memberships.

Nicole is also the Lead Law and Psychology Instructor at a local University Preparatory Institute. It is the only Institute in the province of Ontario that is established with university standards. The Institute also partners with schools in over 10 countries. Nicole teaches on campus and is also the international bridging facilitator for the Institute; facilitating student programs for several leading Canadian Colleges and Universities, such as Georgian College and The University of Toronto.

Nicole continues to advocate and volunteer her time fighting for the wrongfully convicted. Her level of advocacy is documented in her work, and within her many articles, on subjects including, but not limited to: long-term incarceration, solitary confinement, wrongful conviction, criminal appeal, and trial eye witness identification errors.

As a specialized consulting firm, Nicole has access to current law enforcement, forensic, medical & investigative experts across Canada and the U.S.  Consultations are available both domestic and internationally.