CAP Calls for Immediate Release of Indigenous Women Wrongfully Imprisoned for 28 Years

Press Statement

OTTAWA, May 18, 2021 – For over 28 years, Indigenous sisters Odelia and Nerissa Quewezance have been imprisoned as a result of wrongful conviction in the murder of Anthony Joseph Dolff. Despite a lack of physical evidence, and the testimony of Jason Keshane stating he was responsible for the murder in 1993, Odelia and Nerrisa have remained in prison. While Keshane received a four-year sentence for second-degree murder, the two women were handed life-sentences.

Statement by Congress of Aboriginal Peoples National Vice-Chief Kim Beaudin: “There has been a complete miscarriage of justice in this case, and it speaks volumes how Canada can continue to imprison these Indigenous women despite a lack of evidence as to their involvement. These women have maintained their innocence, and appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada without their case being seriously considered. It’s time senior federal decision makers got involved in this case, and I’m going over Justice Minister Lametti to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau why it is acceptable to have two innocent Indigenous women in prison.”

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