Free Odelia & Nerissa Quewezance – A Nation Wide Plea

Please join us live, online, for this table-discussion with David Milgaard, Nicole Porter and Odelia Quewezance. It will be streaming live on Facebook, Aug 6th at 7:00PM (EST). Free for all.

Join us as we advocate for Odelia and her sister. Odelia, who will be present for the event, has spent almost her entire life institutionalized in an Indian Residential School and then in prison for a crime Odelia says she did not commit. Odelia’s co-convicted cousin, who was a minor back in the 1990’s, maintains he admitted to the murder and insists to this day that she had nothing to do with it. High-profile prison advocates say her case needs to be re-examined in the “context of rural Saskatchewan racism”.

Connect with us August 6th, live, as we TOGETHER advocate for these indigenous girls, in our live event, titled: “Free Odelia & Nerissa Quewezance – A Nation Wide Plea”.

Click this link the evening of: