Justin Evans Case: Update from Furious Mother

Updated March 2, 2021 8:14pm

The right thing is being done and the sunglasses are being returned.

The family appreciates everyone’s support.

Original story below:

In response to a few questions that had been asked as to why Justin’s mother, Jaime Wise, would retrieve Justin’s belongings so quickly, she took to the family’s Facebook group dedicated to finding her son, with an explanation.

Her post, made just moments ago, will shock you. As the family is already dealing with overwhelming grief over the disappearance of her son, Justin Evans, they have come to realize that her son’s expensive sunglasses (that she feared were lost with her son), were not in fact lost. Worse, she has come to realize, in a Facebook post dated February 21, 2021 of Bud and Kiara, Bud is in possession of Justin’s sunglasses, he is seen wearing the glasses in the photos Jaime posts as proof.

Justin’s mother is hopeful Bud will return her son’s property, stating that his belongings would be all she would “ever have again”.

The family, after 3 months, is desperate for answers. They are preparing for the worst, but remain hopeful for news about Justin. With the help of dedicated investigators and a supportive community, I remain hopeful that we will find the answers soon and bring Justin home.

Wise has posted that she is furious Bud would post such a picture, “wearing my boys glasses like a trophy”. The post has had almost 30 shares in a matter of minutes and we anticipate this number will grow quickly.

Please stay tuned for more updates on Justin’s disappearance and be sure to check the family operated Facebook group, dedicated to bringing Justin home.

Remember, if you know anything, please call OPP or Crimestoppers.