New Course Alert! ⚠️ Introduction to Criminal Law

Are you interested in taking an Introductory Criminal Law course? Thinking of entering the field or considering course packages for verifiable CPD hours? Check out our Introduction to Criminal Law course. All courses come with one-on-one Instructor support, course materials, lectures, and a Certificate of Completion and/or Verified CPD Certificate. Registration can be completed online (link below).


This course is designed to give students an understanding of Canadian Criminal Law.
The course introduces students to major topics of study such as purposes of criminal law, the elements of criminal law, defenses to crimes, criminal sanctions, constitutional limits, charter considerations, parties to crime, judicial forms and arrest procedures.

The course will also enable students to see how criminal law operates within the structure of the justice system. Upon completion of this course, students will also be able to critically discuss general principles of law and will be encouraged to consider the law critically from both an academic and societal perspective.